FSS Incentives to Encourage Participation

The HA has established incentives to encourage participation in the FSS program. The inducements being offered to the FSS participating families are listed below:


The primary incentive given to FSS participants is the opportunity to change the household's social and economic status from one of dependence upon subsidies to one of self-sufficiency and self-reliance.

Community Resources

A host of community resource agencies is at the disposal of each program participant to use on an as-need basis for training, education and life skills purposes. Efforts will be made so that each participant will be linked with job training, educational, and supportive service agencies to provide the services necessary to develop self-sufficiency. Participants will be encouraged to attend the Homebuyer's Club at Community Housing Development Corporation (CHDC) for homeownership education, budgeting, and credit repair.

Financial Reward

An escrow account is initiated for each participant who signs the FSS contract. Funds are deposited in the escrow account as the participant reports an increase in earned income. The VHA will deposit the FSS account funds of all participating families into a single depository account.

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