Mare Island Causeway Bridge Preventative Maintenance Project

Project Description

The Mare Island Causeway Bridge, originally built in 1934, is a vehicle and pedestrian bridge that straddles the Napa River and serves as the connector between the Greater Vallejo area and Mare Island. In 2016, the City completed an upgrade project on the Bridge, replacing a 50-foot span of bridge timber with steel. The iconic Bridge requires additional maintenance repairs to extend the Bridge's serviceable life and improve pedestrian and driver safety. These repairs are expected to include:

  • Bridge deck and pile repairs
  • Sidewalk replacement and ADA improvements
  • Lighting and handrail repairs
  • Repainting the Bridge's steel lift span, towers, and historic logo
  • Deck methacrylate coating (Painting)
  • Concrete spall and crack repairs
  • Fender system repair for marine traffic safety
  • Replacement of underwater anodes

Project Location


$13.8M (Engineer's Estimate) ($12M = Grant funding / $1.8M = Local Match)

Project Schedule

Mare Island Construction Status


Project Documents

If you have questions contact Sam Kumar, Project Manager (707) 648-4432, [email protected].



When will the construction start?
The City's goal is to start construction next summer 2022 when school on Island is on summer recess.

What is happening with the project right now?
We are starting the final design phase soon and will prepare construction documents to put out for bid.

How long will the construction take?
The construction will last approximately 16 months. The first 13 months of construction will take place on the bridge deck, which may occasionally impact traffic on the bridge. The final three months of construction will be completed on the underside of the bridge which will have no impact on traffic.

Will the construction impact traffic on the bridge?
Traffic will be moderately impacted for the first 13 months of construction. The Contractor will maintain one open lane of traffic at all times. The open lane may be alternated to accommodate the daily flow of traffic (e.g. work, school)

What are the planned hours of operation for construction?
The hours of operation will be determined by the contractor and the City. The expectation is that construction will occur Monday through Friday, during normal business hours.

Do you anticipate any full closures?
Full closures are not anticipated, but in the event a full closure is necessary, the contractor will be asked to only apply a full closure when traffic on the bridge is at its lightest, typically during the night.

What if someone has an emergency on the Island during a full closure?
The contractor will be required to allow priority access for emergency vehicles at all times.

What is the total cost/budget for this project?
$13.8M ($12M grant-funded and $1.8M local match funds)

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