Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory Dwelling Units
An accessory dwelling unit (ADU), also known as a "mother-in-law" unit or "granny flat," are attached or detached residential dwelling units on the same lot as an existing dwelling unit zoned for single-family or multifamily use that provides complete independent living facilities for one or more persons. This includes permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation, all on the same parcel as the primary, single-family dwelling.

California's housing production is not keeping pace with the demand. The lack of housing is impacting affordability, with average housing costs in California exceeding the rest of the nation. To address this issue, the State of California passed legislation in 2017, which allows for more housing options to accommodate a variety of households, including small, secondary living units on existing residential lots.

California's ADU law (Government Code Section 65858.2) requires cities to allow certain type of ADUs without public notification, and limits what standards cities can impose on ADUs. On July 10, 2018, Vallejo's City Council approved a new ADU ordinance consistent with State Laws. The City's ordinance became effective on October 25, 2018.

The new ADU ordinance that took effect on October 25, 2018 describes the development standards for any new, attached or converted ADUs within the City of Vallejo. The ADU Regulations Handout summarizes the standards that need to be met to develop an ADU.

The ADU Handout provides a checklist of all the required information that needs to be submitted with an ADU application.

Once the ADU is ready for submittal, a completed Planning Application and all required information should be submitted to the Planning Division located at 555 Santa Clara Street Vallejo, CA 94590 and pay all appropriate fees.

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