Parks and Recreation Improvements


Project Allocation: $ 649,146 Amount Expended: 100%
Votes: 1,323 Voting finish among 12 projects approved: #3
Project Description:
GVRD Project ($ 371,500):
Upgrade, repair & improve 12 GVRD-managed park & recreation sites, including benches, playground equipment, restrooms, water fountains, sidewalks, picnic tables, lights ($371,500)

PAL Project ($ 278,143):
Construct a restroom/snack bar at the PAL soccer fields located at 301 Wallace Avenue ($250,000 original allocation; $28,143 contingency allocated by City Council in March and July 2016)

Implementing Entities:
Greater Vallejo Recreation District (GVRD)
Police Activities League (PAL)


GVRD Project:
GVRD began work in March 2014, tasked with improving 12 parks and granted $371,500. GVRD agreed to contribute at least $159,000 of in-kind contributions for labor and management, so that all of the $371,500 could be used for materials.

GVRD 100% of its funding by December 31, 2015, completing not only all 12 original sites in the contract, but came in considerably under budget and was able to increase funding for a new playground at North Vallejo Park adding a 13th site for park improvements and a new playground at Setterquist Park.

PAL Project:
PAL contributed $82,000 on top of the original PB grant of $278,143, and completed construction at the VCUSD-owned fields on Wallace Avenue. The ribbon-cutting was on June 17, 2016.

Setterquist Before Setterquist AFTER Parks an Rec Improvements
North Vallejo GVRD Park GVRD Parks
Delta Before Delta After
Restroom/Snack Bar at PAL Athletic Fields
PAL Construction PAL Construction PAL Restroom
PAL Restroom Walls PAL Restroom
PAL building
PAL Restroom PAL PAL

PAL - 2nd Amendment
PAL - 1st Amendment
PAL Contract
GVRD Contract
Resolution No. 13-114 N.C.
Original Project Proposal

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