Graffiti: Report, Remove, Volunteer!


Public Property

The Maintenance Division has a special graffiti truck that is sent out with a Maintenance Worker, using $40,000 of Measure B funds, four days a week to respond to vandalism on city buildings, electrical boxes, fences, public sidewalks, and other city-maintained assets.

Private Property

For graffiti or tagging on private property, the Maintenance Division works closely with Code Enforcement to help affected residents get the blemish removed. More information about that can be found on the Code Enforcement page

Help to Remove Graffiti from Vallejo!

Volunteers Assist The Maintenance Division works with local citizen groups to provide graffiti-removal equipment and approved locations where volunteers can help remove tagging. Please email us or call (707) 648-5235 for more information.

Reporting Graffiti on Public Property

To report graffiti on public property, please use the report form on SeeClickFix below or call (707) 648-5235. You can also use SeeClickFix to report any non-emergency public maintenance issue.

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