Waterfront History Arts Park


Project Allocation: $ 395,000 Amount Expended: 0%
Votes: 1,216 Voting finish among 5 projects approved: #3
Project Description:
Transform the barren, dirt lot on the Waterfront into a relaxing, fun, eco-friendly, family-friendly gathering spot for special celebrations, community arts, and creative educational offerings. Amenities to be included would be determined by a City-designated landscape architect and City Council approval.

Implementing Entities:
City of Vallejo


City Council allocated $395,000 in funding on December 8, 2015, but postponed expending any funding pending final consideration and approval by City Council.

A concurrent Waterfront History Art Walk Park project, proposed by artist Mario Chiodo and architect Christopher Kent, which proposed development of a wider area on the Waterfront, was approved by the Design Review Board on December 8, 2016, which incorporated many of the elements of the PB project.

Currently, the $395,000 in funding is earmarked for the project, pending direction from City Council on implementation of the Waterfront History Art Walk Park.

Chiodo and Kent are developing detailed plans and beginning a fundraising campaign to raise the matching funds needed to fully realize the park's vision, and are looking for an additional $2.5 million specifically to supplement the $395,000 for Independence Park. Updates are expected in Fall 2017.

Waterfront Proposal

Resolution No. 15-150 N.C.
Original Project Proposal

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