2020 Water Main Project


The water main replacement project is part of the City's program to upgrade the water distribution system and increase its reliability. The areas that have been identified for pipe replacement have been selected because of their pipe age, the break/leak history, or their need for increased water flow capacity.

In Fiscal Year 2020-2021, the City of Vallejo will be replacing 5,600 feet (over 1-mile) of water mains and installing 124 feet of new water service lines as part of the Water Department's Capital Improvement Plan. The water main project will also include the replacement of 25 gate valves, in order to ensure good water flow, and 11 fire hydrant assemblies, in order to support fire suppression.

For impacts on customers, see the "How Will This Project Affect Me?" in the menu on the right.

The work will be completed on the following streets, and dates will be announced prior to any construction beginning. Streets that have been completed have been crossed off:



Rinaldo Drive

From Roleen Dr. to Elliot Dr.

Elliot Drive

From Mini Dr. to Lorenzo Dr.

Rome Drive

From Elliot Dr. to Diana Dr.

Dillon Drive

From Elliot Dr. to Diana Dr.

Roney Avenue

From Rice St. to Campbell Ave.

Los Santos Court

From Tuolumne St. to End

Sheldon Avenue

From Florida St. to Springs Rd.

Southport Way From Canterbury to Ramsgate



The Water Department will make every effort to keep disruptions and inconveniences to a minimum during this project. We will also ensure you receive adequate notice prior to disruptions. Common impacts to residents include the temporary issues of water service interruption, intermittent driveway interruption, parking adjustments, traffic, dust, and noise. Rarely during construction, unforeseen circumstances occur that impact residents unexpectedly - in which case we will communicate with residents and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

The construction contractor has been instructed to remove all litter, debris, and construction waste, minimize noise, dust, standing water, vibrations, hazardous conditions, and provide continued safe access to individual properties.

Water Service Interruption
You may experience a temporary disruption to your water service at some point during the project. Disruptions may last up to 8 hours during normal work hours, and you will be notified at least 24 hours in advance of any such disruptions. Upon reinstatement of water service, you may want to briefly turn on the hose at the front of the house for 10 minutes. Then, to purge air in the line, turn on the COLD faucet in a tub or shower and run until clear. More detailed instructions can be found in the "Water Flushing" section of this FAQ page.

Traffic and Parking
Access to homes and businesses will be maintained, but through-traffic may be diverted. Street parking may be restricted at times to allow for efficient traffic flow and safe working conditions; temporary no-parking zones may be established during construction for these reasons. Notices will be designated by sign at the curb at least 72 hours in advance.

A traffic management plan is in place for each affected neighborhood to ensure traffic is able to flow and pedestrian access is available through the construction zone.

Driveway Access
Convenient access to driveways will be maintained and temporary entry means will be established if needed. You will continue to have access to your home and driveway during construction, with two exceptions (1) while the pipe is being placed in front of your home and (2) while concrete curb cures. We will work with you directly if your driveway access will be impacted.

Water Service
You may experience a temporary disruption to your water service at some point during the project. Disruptions may last up to 8 hours, will occur during normal business hours, and you will be notified at least 24 hours in advance of any such disruptions.

Dust is inherent in this type of construction work; however, dust control and dust clean up protocols have been established and are the responsibility of the contactor.

Construction and machinery noise may be present during the project but will be minimized as much as possible. Noise and construction work will be limited to Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM.


The Vallejo Water System is comprised of approximately 475 miles of pipes, 23% of which are over 70 years old. The water industry standard for pipe replacement is 100 years. Vallejo's current replacement cycle is 450 years with the intent to bring the replacement cycle to 100 years. In September 2019, the Vallejo City Council unanimously approved a water rate plan that would fund the most critical water main replacements in the system based on a variety of factors including age of pipe, number of main breaks, frequency of leaks, pipe material, and soil conditions. These water main replacement projects provide the means to maintain our water distribution system and ensure we meet necessary standards.

  1. Improve reliability of water system flow by (a) reducing main breaks and leaks, and (b) providing longer lasting pipe materials.
  2. Increase flow capacity by replacing and upsizing corroded and undersized metallic pipelines to expand pipe diameter.
  3. Where possible, replace old pipe with nonmetallic pipe of correct diameter which (a) decreases pumping costs, and (b) increases water flow for fire protection.

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Under construction - Check back soon for more information


If you have questions or issues that our field personnel cannot resolve with you, please contact Maggiora & Ghilotti, Inc. office at 415-459-8640. The same number may be used for after-hours emergencies. If you are unable to contact Maggiora & Ghilotti, or have any further questions, you can contact the City's project manager and inspector at the following:

Water Main Replacement Project Manager
Melissa Cansdale, [email protected]

Project Inspector, City of Vallejo Water Department
Dave Rasmusson, [email protected]


Watermain Replacement

Watermain pipe replacement project update - September 18, 2020

The replacement of over a mile of old watermain pipe continues as planned! So far, over a half-mile of new pipe has been installed on:

  • Elliott Drive from Lorenzo to Mini Drive
  • Rome Drive from Elliot to Diana Drive
  • Dillon Drive from Elliot to Diana Drive
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