B. Adams

Breanna Adams

Serving as a Youth Delegate in Cycle 3 of Vallejo's Participatory Budgeting (PB), now high school Senior Breanna Adams says that PB has "made me realize the power of collaboration." First hearing about PB at her school, Breanna saw posters about PB, heard about a meeting, and decided to "go and check it out." Understanding the impact and importance of PB, Breanna's states that her involvement helped her get out of her comfort zone, and has afforded her the opportunity to meet a lot of new people. Breanna has had the opportunity to present proposals and receive "real time" feedback on ideas that she helped to create. Breanna states, "PB has given Vallejoans the opportunity to make their mark in what they want to see changed, which is really good. A lot of the issues that were brought up were things that I probably would have never thought of without the help of other people proposing it, so I think it's really great in getting people's voices heard. It's true democracy in Vallejo".

Breanna describes her experience as a volunteer as very interesting, and says that she loved it! "It was a very eye opening experience for me", says Breanna. When asked what she wants others to know about PB, Breanna says that she would like others to know that PB is a great way to talk about what you think needs to be changed, and "if you feel like you don't have a voice, after you join PB, you will! Everyone listens to what you have to say."

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