Plan Check Lists

The informational materials and building division plan check lists below are intended to aid you in the building permit process. To ensure you have the correct information and required forms, always download them prior to beginning the permitting process as they are updated frequently. Please note that while every attempt has been made to ensure these documents are complete and accurate as possible, they may not contain every requirement specific to your project or business. Any error or omission should not be considered as permission to violate any specific provision of the California Building Standards Code (CBC), or any other legally enforceable regulation.

Residential Kitchen and Bathroom Floor Plan Template

  • Bathroom Remodel Floor Plan Template
  • Kitchen Remodel Floor Plan Template

Plan Review Checklist

  • 2016 Amusement Rides And Recreational Facilities
  • 2016 Commercial Accessibility
  • 2016 Commercial
  • 2016 Day Care Facilities
  • 2016 Electrical
  • 2016 Electrical Vehicle Charging Station
  • 2016 Elevators and Platform Lifts
  • 2016 Mechanical
  • 2016 OSHPD - 3 Clinics
  • 2016 Residential Photovoltaic Solar
  • 2016 Plumbing
  • 2016 Residential Accessibility
  • 2016 Residential
  • 2016 Storage Racks
  • 2016 Unreinforced Masonry
  • 2016 Window Replacement

Residential Energy Compliance Check Lists

  • Prescriptive Method
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