Landscape Maintenance Districts (LMDs)


The Landscape Maintenance Districts (LMD) section of the Engineering Division oversees 26 LMDs and one Community Facilities District (CFD), and is responsible for monitoring the contracts of each LMD and inspecting work done to ensure each region's fund is used to the greatest benefit of local residents.

For more information about your LMD, or to learn about how to create a LMD in your neighborhood, email us or call (707) 648-4315.

To learn if you are in a LMD, view the map.

What is a LMD?

A LMD is a financing vehicle utilized to make certain improvements to particular neighborhoods within the community. These improvements, such as parks, playgrounds, landscapes, sidewalks, trees, etc., are paid for by the landowners within the LMD.

LMD Funding

Both types of LMDs receive annual Engineering Reports, which recommend the fee required to maintain or upgrade existing LMD benefits. These findings are submitted to the City Council for a Public Hearing.


Annual 1911 Act Overview Report

Improvement Act of 1911


Annual 1972 Act Engineer's Report

Annual Hiddenbrooke Engineer's Report

California State Highway Code Landscape and Lighting Act of 1972

Property owners in these LMDs are assessed a percentage of the value of their home. Property owners in these LMDs are assessed a fee based on the size of the parcel of land they occupy.
  • Cimarron Hills/Madigan Ranch
  • College Hills
  • Seaview (Costa del Rio)
  • Glen Cove I/II
  • Greenmont-Seaport Hills
  • Hunter Ranch I/II
  • Monica Place
  • Ridgecrest
  • Somerset I/II
  • Somerset III
  • Springtree/Fleming Hill
  • Summit II
  • Town & Country I
  • Woodridge
  • Bordoni Ranch
  • Carriage Oaks
  • Garthe Ranch Estates (Zone A & B)
  • Glen Cove III
  • Hiddenbrooke
  • Hunter Ranch III
  • Marine World/Fairgrounds Drive
  • Marin View
  • Northeast Quadrant (including Zone A)
  • Sandpiper Point
  • South Vallejo Business Park
  • Town & Country II-V

View the Region Map Here.

More about California LMDs

Trimming or Pruning Trees

Please visit the Public Works Grounds Maintenance page for information about trimming trees.

For more information call (707) 648-4315.

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