Individual Training and Services Plan (ITSP)

The HA will assist FSS families to develop Individual Training and Services Plans (ITSP) to help participants determine the actions necessary to become self-sufficient. All ITSP's will include the following interim goals:

  • All family members will be free from welfare assistance (cash assistance) twelve (12) consecutive months prior to the expiration of the FSS COP.
  • Head of Household must be suitably employed at the time of graduation.
  • Head of household is to obtain a GED or High School Diploma to graduate from the FSS program. The GED or High School Diploma may be substituted by certified completion of a vocational or training program specifically identified on the ITSP.

Waiver of GED or High School Diploma
VHA holds that high school graduation, or completion of a GED is an integral component to self-sufficiency. However, if the participant requests consideration of a waiver, they must submit a written request, along with supporting documentation to the FSS Coordinator. The waiver must include an explanation and supporting documentation as to why the participant was unable to obtain the GED or High School Diploma within the term of the COP. The FSS Coordinator may recommend that this requirement be waived based on the individual circumstances of each participant, and only if all other goals of the COP have been completed. The final decision to waive completion of the high school diploma or GED requirement is at the discretion of the Executive Director of designee. Examples of conditions which may warrant consideration of a waiver are:

  • Serious illness of participant or dependent
  • Medical emergencies
  • Multiple failed attempts to pass the GED exam
  • Documented learning disabilities
  • Failed support system

The ITSP for participants with homeownership as a final goal may also include, but is not limited to: .

  • Credit repair .
  • Homeownership education. Must receive certification in the VNHA First Time Homebuyers Club for consideration of the HUD Homeownership program .
  • Must be employed full time for a minimum of one year (with the exception of disabled families)

Interim goals on the ITSP for the initial Welfare to Work FSS program participants will be amended by the HA to include only those goals consistent with the Administrative Plan.

  1. Method of Identification of Supportive Services
    The type of supportive services and resources for eligible participating families is based on individual needs. The Housing Authority anticipates that the major needs for services and resources will be in the following categories: Education, Job Training, Childcare and Transportation. The FSS Coordinator will work with the participant to develop an ITSP tailored specifically for that participant based on information provided in the FSS application and assessments forms. The FSS Coordinator may conduct an extensive interview with each program participant to determine his/her specific needs, short and long-term goals.

  2. FSS Participant Referral for Services
    The HA may provide FSS participants with referral forms. The referral form may be completed by the agency providing the service to ensure that the participant did meet with the agency, and that the participant did follow through with any scheduled appointments or classes. It is the responsibility of the participant to notify the FSS Coordinator of the outcome of the referral. Follow up may be confirmed by phone or written communication.

  3. Service Provider Review
    The HA may monitor the quality of service provided to FSS families. The monitoring will consist of all FSS participants referred to another agency for services to complete a verbal or written review of the quality of service provided. The HA may also periodically contact agencies and/or FSS participants regarding supportive services to:

    • Assess a participant's progress
    • Determine if a participant's needs are being met by the supportive service provider
    • Develop effective services with community agencies
    • Improve existing available services
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