Contract of Participation

All applicants selected for participation in the FSS program will be required to sign a five-year Contract of Participation (COP). The HA will use a contract format approved by HUD. The contract will also include an Individual Training and Services Plan (ITSP) which specifies the contract goals and timetables for completion of goals.

To compute the monthly contribution to the escrow account the HA must have the Total Tenant Payment (TTP) and the amount of earned income included in the annual income at the time the contract is signed. The income numbers and TTP must be taken from the last annual or interim reexamination before the family's initial participation in the FSS program, unless more than 120 days will pass between the effective date of the reexamination and the effective date of the COP. If it has been more than 120 days, the HA must conduct a new reexamination or interim re-determination. Failure to provide current income may cause a delay or denial of completion of the FSS contract.

Income verifications used to determine annual and earned income on the COP must be maintained in the FSS file for the life of the FSS contract.

The contract is executed on the first day of the month following the date the contract is signed by the participant and HA representative.

  1. Family Requirements Family responsibilities under the COP include, but are not limited to:

a. Head of Household must:

  • Seek and maintain suitable employment throughout the term of the contract. (The head of household may attend school only as a pre-condition to seeking employment. After completion of the contracted course of study the head of household must seek and maintain a suitable job. School may not be substituted for employment.
  • Participants who have elected homeownership as a final goal must be employed full time for one year.
  • Self-employment (defined by VHA for the purpose of defining suitable employment) will be determined by a minimum gross income of the state minimum wage times a minimum of 30 hours per week.
  • Complete activities in the ITSP within the specified dates.
  • Provide the HA with information about the family's progress in the FSS program upon request, including information regarding employment, job interviews, training, education, attendance, and other FSS services, referrals and activities.

b. All Family Members Must:

  • Comply with the terms of the HCV program and the lease agreement
  • Comply with the family obligations under the HCV program, including HQS
  • Live in the jurisdiction of the FSS program at least twelve (12) consecutive months from the effective date of the contract, unless waived by the HA.
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