North Mare Island (NMI) - Faraday Future

Project Background

Mare Island is a premier waterfront location with approximately 1,500 acres of land located in the City of Vallejo. Approximately 150 acres on North Mare Island (NMI) are controlled by the City and is the largest single development opportunity on the island and in Vallejo as a whole, offering the prospect of significant job-generating development.

Following a nationwide site selection effort and extensive analysis, Faraday Future (FF) – a private, California-based company – selected Mare Island to build and operate a major light industrial and customer facility.  On May 31, 2016, the City Council entered into negotiations with FF to consider North Mare Island for development of a facility designed and outfitted for the assembly of electric vehicles. This facility would also include a customer experience center for interested individuals to learn about electric vehicles and related technology.

The project would be the first new automobile manufacturing facility to be built from the ground up in California in decades and would bring substantial financial investment and employment opportunities to Vallejo.

Why North Mare Island

The Mare Island Specific Plan provides for the future development of light industrial, warehouse, and office uses on NMI.  The Vallejo City Council identified NMI as a priority economic development project in 2014 and, in January 2015, reconfirmed the Mare Island Specific Plan vision for the site.

After evaluating 187 sites nationwide, Faraday Future chose Vallejo in large part due to its proximity to Silicon Valley, an employee base that has received (or has access to) automotive training, and a strong regional market for electric vehicles, new technology and transportation innovation. The project represents an opportunity to establish Mare Island and the City of Vallejo as a hub of clean-tech, consumer-oriented, climate-protective ingenuity in the Bay Area.

Site of Proposed Faraday Future Facility
Site of proposed Faraday Future facility on North Mare Island

​What community benefits will the project provide to the City of Vallejo?

The City is focused on job creation, particularly by manufacturing uses that result in living wage jobs. Other important benefits are the potential that the project will clear the site and install infrastructure to support redevelopment of North Mare Island. 

Additional analysis is being conducted to ensure Faraday Future’s proposal is consistent with the community’s vision as outlined in the Mare Island Specific Plan, which include the following goals: 
  • Create jobs and other economic development opportunities to sustain and improve the economic conditions in Vallejo, the rest of Solano County and the greater San Francisco Bay Area into the 21st century.
  • Create a self-sustaining and multi-use community that provides a balance of industrial, office, commercial, residential, educational, recreation, cultural and open space uses that will meet the needs of future generations.
  • Preserve and enhance the history of Mare Island as an integral part of the reuse.
  • Use a variety of innovative economic development tools, including public-private partnerships and domestic-international partnerships, for marketing, financing and acquisition.

When and how will the community have an opportunity to get involved?

The City and Faraday Future are in the process of defining the terms under which the City would convey the North Mare Island property to Faraday Future.  The community will have an opportunity to learn more about these terms before the Council considers the proposed agreement.

Before the property is ultimately transferred, Faraday Future will submit a development proposal to the City.  Community outreach and engagement will play an important role in this process, particularly with respect to job creation, project design, environmental considerations, and community benefits. There will be numerous opportunities for public comment and input during the development review and entitlement process.

May 24, 2016 Press Release

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