North Mare Island Background Documents

Significant prior plans and investigations have been undertaken on the North Mare Island (NMI) site. The links below provide key documents to inform proposers. Additional background documents will be shared as identified. City staff anticipates that further background materials will be available to inform the negotiations with the selected respondent. It is the sole responsibility of each respondent to investigate and determine conditions of the NMI site, including existing and planned utility connections, and the suitability of the conditions for any proposed improvements. The information provided may not be accurate due to its age, changing conditions at the site, or the preliminary nature of the report or document. The information presented in the RFQ and in any report or other information provided by the City is provided solely for the convenience of the interested parties. It is the responsibility of interested parties to assure themselves that the information contained in this RFQ or other documents is accurate and complete. The City and its advisors make no representations, assurances, or warranties pertaining to the accuracy of the information provided in the RFQ or the reports and documents referenced in this RFQ.

Environmental Conditions

Navy Brief on Environmental Status - May 2014
Parcel XV-A Deed - September 2001
Parcel XV-A Finding of Suitability to Transfer FOST - January 2001
Parcel XV-B(2) Deed and Finding of Suitability of Transfer FOST - January 2009
Parcels II, X-B(1) and X-B(2) Deed and Finding of Suitability to Transfer FOST - April 2011*
Parcel XV-B(1) Navy Map - September 2013
* - Parcels X-B(1) and X-B(2) are located on the south/west side of Mare Island. Although they are not part of North Mare Island, they were transferred at the same time as Parcel II.

Current Site Assessments and Technical Reports

Pre-Project Hydrology Study - November 2016
Biological Resources Assessment - December 2016
Existing Conditions Report - May 2017
Existing Noise Report - May 2017
Geotechnical Investigation Report - May 2017
Cultural Resources Memorandum - May 2017

Geotechnical Conditions

Preliminary Geotechnical Engineering Study - January 2001
Geotechnical Design & Materials Report: Mare Island/Route 37 Project - March 2003
Preliminary Geotechnical Cost Summary - March 2006

Infrastructure Studies

Community Facilities District (CFD) FAQs
Touro University Development Agreement - Infrastructure Cost Estimate - August 2008
Touro University Project 1 - Preliminary Off-Site Infrastructure Estimate - September 2007
Touro University Project 2 - Off-Site Improvements - September 2007
SR-37 Interchange Project Study Report - August 2001
SR-37 Interchange Modification Cost Estimate - December 2003
Mare Island Transportation Plan: Final Report - August 1997
Vallejo Transportation and Mare Island Access Study: Executive Summary - January 2001
Vallejo Transportation and Mare Island Access Study: Final Report - January 2001
Mare Island Utilities, Operations, Maintenance and Capital Improvement Plan (MIRIS) - July 1997
Water, Sanitary Sewer, and Storm Drain Master Plans - July 2001
Mare Island Utility Reuse Plan - February 2002
Mare Island Water Model - April 2003
Mare Island Water Model - June 2005
Water Supply Assessment - June 2005
Legacy Partners Infrastructure Estimates - November 1997
Legacy Partners Business Park Infrastructure Cost Breakdown - November 1999

Prior proposals for North Mare Island:

Legacy Partners - 1997 to 2000

Legacy Proposal - March 2000
Legacy Proposal - September 2000

Legacy Partners Business Park Proposal

Lennar Mare Island - 2005 to 2006

From 2005 to 2006, the City negotiated with Lennar Mare Island to be the developer of North Mare Island. Below are key documents prepared for that proposal.

Existing and Proposed Development - July 2005
North Mare Island Overview - April 2006
Council Report - October 10, 2006
Lennar Mare Island Existing and Proposed Development

Touro North Mare Island - 2006 to 2009

From 2006 through 2009, the City negotiated with Touro University for a two-stage project. Project 1 to 34 acres received full approvals as shown in the documents below. Project 2 included the entire site. The infrastructure cost estimates are included in the Infrastructure Studies section above.

Planning Commission - June 2, 2008
City Council Report - June 24, 2008
City Council Report - July 22, 2008
Project Plans 2 - July 2008

Touro University Village