Mare Island Agreements

The Economic Development Division manages the City contracts for Mare Island and works closely with the main developer, Lennar Mare Island (LMI), and the Navy to further the remaining environmental cleanup and the conversion of land on Mare Island. Key agreements include:

Acquisition Agreement

The Acquisition Agreement between the City and Lennar Mare Island (LMI) describes the terms and conditions related to LMI's acquisition and development of approximately 677 acres of Mare Island.

Acquisition Agreement - December 1999
Exhibit A - Lennar Acquisition EDC Parcels and State Lands Sublease Area
Exhibit B - Sub-LIFOC Parcels
Exhibit C - Approved Participation Model Excerpts
Exhibit D - Operating Expenses
Exhibit E - Form of Deed
Exhibit F - Entitlement Schedule
Exhibit G - Mare Island Public Roads
Exhibit H - Memo of Acquisition Agreement and City Participation Payment
Exhibit I - Off-Island Rail Facilities Fee Parcels
Exhibit J - Intentionally Omitted
Exhibit K - Reuse Area Subtenants
Exhibit L - State Lands Commission Endorsement
Exhibit M - Gap Lands
Exhibit N - MIHPF Sublease Premises
Exhibit O - Bill of Sale
Exhibit P - Exactions Schedules
Exhibit Q - Performance Schedule
Exhibit R - Project Management, Asset Management and Property Management Services

Development Agreement

The Development Agreement between the City and LMI establishes the long term vested rights to develop a portion of Mare Island, extensive demolition and infrastructure investment, and funding obligations and additional conditions and requirements.

Development Agreement - September 2001
Development Agreement (First Amendment) - November 2004
Development Agreement Acknowledgement of First Extension - November 2015

Facility Agreement

The Facility Agreement between the City and LMI sets the terms on which the City will occupy the City Occupied Facilities, as defined in the Facility Agreement.

Facility Agreement - March 2002

Environmental Services Cooperative Agreement

The Environmental Services Cooperative Agreement (ESCA) is between the City and the Navy. It is an Early Transfer Agreement that details the City's responsibilities and payments to be received for environmental remediation of the property.

Environmental Services Cooperative Agreement (ESCA) - April 2001
ESCA East (First Amendment) - April 2012
ESCA East (Second Amendment) - August 2014
ESCA East (Third Amendment) - July 2016

Mare Island Remediation Agreement

The Mare Island Remediation Agreement (MIRA) is between the City and LMI. It is an Early Transfer Agreement that assigned the City's obligations under the ESCA to LMI, including the responsibility to oversee the environmental remediation of the property.

MIRA East - April 2001
MIRA East (First Amendment) - April 2012
MIRA East (Second Amendment) - August 2014
MIRA East (Third Amendment) - June 2016