J. Carrizales

Joey Carrizales

A Fresno Native, Joey Carrizales came to Vallejo in June 2012. Joey first heard about Vallejo’s Participatory Budgeting (PB) as he walked the Waterfront, seeing someone passing out flyers on PB. There was a conference being held at various locations throughout the City of Vallejo, and Joey took interest in attending. Because of the generosity of an Administrator from a neighboring City, Joey was offered the opportunity to attend the conference where he met people from across the country and heard the wonderful opportunity of getting involved in PB. Joey helped with PB where ever he could, and desires to serve as a Budget Delegate in the upcoming PB Cycle 4. Joey states that he “believes in PB strongly, and hopes City Council allows it to go on year after year.”
Joey says, “PB allows me to speak to other citizens of Vallejo about PB and allows me to tell them how they can feel better about their city thorough their involvement.” The concept of PB, Joey says, is great and is a great way to impact the city, given opportunities for citizens to be and feel empowered. Pride and Empowerment is the theme that Joey feels is most important for the citizens and their involvement with PB. Joey explains that the project that particularly tugs on his heart strings deals with the homeless situation of Vallejo. “The homeless in Vallejo needs a lot, and although the homeless situation may never end, at least we can help”, says Joey. He says that seeing the smiles on people has been most memorable, among others, to him during his time as a volunteer, and that being a volunteer has been a great experience. “I enjoy talking to people about this concept, and listening to others”, says Joey. He wants others to know how important it is to be involved in your own city, and notes that having a voice, believing in your city, and seeing the value in what PB can do for the city is very important.