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Utility partnership brings savings to low-income residents

The Vallejo Water Department, in partnership with the Solano County Water Agency, has joined with PG&E to provide qualified water customers with money saving home improvements.  Water customers who are enrolled in the PG&E CARE program are also eligible for free replacement of older 3.5 gallon toilets, faucet aerators, and showerheads with high-efficiency models.  Call us at 707-648-5299 for details.  Note, this program has been suspended until further notice. We anticipate restarting the program on July 1, 2021.   

For information on PG&E's Energy Savings Assistance Program visit or call 1-800-989-9744.

Low income, Senior & Disabled water landscape assistance program

The Water Department is sponsoring a landscape assistance program for qualified disabled or senior low-income water customers.  Participants can have their existing residential lawn removed/reduced and replaced with a  custom designed, drought tolerant, low water use alternative. Call us at 707-455-4450 or click HERE for details.  Note, this program has been suspended until further notice. We anticipate restarting the program on July 1, 2021.     

Household Conservation Gadgets

Vallejo water customers are eligible to receive any of these *free* household water conservation gadgets. Call (707) 648-5299 for more information.

 Low Flow Shower Head  Bathroom & Kitchen Aerator  5 Minute Shower Timer  Water Hose Flow Meter  Soil Moisture Meter  Water Hose Spray Nozzle
Low Flow Shower Heads Bathroom & Kitchen Aerators 5-Minute Shower Timer Water Hose Flow Meter Soil Moisture Meter Water Hose Spray Nozzle 

Solano Waterwise Gardening Program

water wise gardening in solano county

The Solano Waterwise Gardening Program is a free online landscaping and plant selection resource guide designed specifically for those living in Solano County’s diverse climate zones. It’s great for:
  • Seeing what a mature plant looks like;
  • Grouping plants based on size, water, and soil needs;
  • Selecting plants that fit your landscape setting

Gray Water Information
Helpful Graywater Tips

Residential Landscape Workshops Planed to Resume in 2022

 This series of 2-hour landscape training sessions are taught by local landscape professionals and Master Gardeners.  We will post more information here when the dates for the 2022 classes are determined.

You can view information presented in previous workshops by clicking on one of the highlighted topics shown below (The Basics, Irrigation Design, Plant Selection).  Call 707-648-5299 to reserve your seat.

View Previous Vallejo Landscape Workshops

The Basicsthe Basics  Irrigation Design
Irr Design
 Plant SelectionPlant Selection

Click HERE to view other virtual landscape workshops sponsored by BAWSCA (Bay Area Water Supply & Conservation Agencies).

Outdoor/Landscape Water Use Surveys 

Watering CanSprinklersWater Hose

Outdoor water use can account for up to 55% of all residential water consumption. This free program for all City of Vallejo residents will evaluate the condition of an existing landscape irrigation system and help identify costly water leaks.

During the Outdoor Water Use survey, Water Conservation staff will:
  • Review water usage on your water account over a 3-year period 
  • Locate & read your water meter and demonstrate leak detection practices
  • Activate the irrigation system and inspect equipment
  • Evaluate soil and ground cover condition
  • Test your static water pressure

Note, this program is normally available only during the summer months (June-September).

Indoor Water Use Surveys

HE ToiletBathroom
During an Indoor Water Use survey, Water Conservation staff will:
  • Provide you with a detailed water consumption history report 
  • Check toilets and water fixtures for leaks
  • Determine flow rate of shower heads and faucets
  • Provide high-efficiency shower heads and faucet aerators as requested and needed
Call 648-5299 to schedule an appointment

Commercial Water Savings Incentive Program

Commercial water customers are encouraged to participate in our Water Savings Incentive Program. This program provides financial incentives for Commercial water customers to upgrade their irrigation systems, plumbing fixtures, and/or water-using appliances for the purpose of improving water efficiency. Click for program details.

Water Wise Gardening in Solano County
Water Wise Gardening in Solano County