Fire Prevention

firefighter in costume with childOur Fire Prevention Division is responsible for: 
  • Fire Inspection Services 
  • Fire and Life Safety Inspections
  • Plan Check and Permitting
  • Fire Reports and Investigations 
  • Public Education/Community Outreach

Permit Information

Our business partners and citizens deserve the best when starting a business, building, or remodeling properties. For more information regarding what permits are required, please visit our Central Permit Center.

Fire Prevention Information

Throughout California, wildfires will continue to be fueled by a build-up of seasonal dry vegetation driven by extreme dry conditions and local strong winds, making brush fuels extremely dangerous and challenging for firefighters.

The Vallejo Fire Department stands ready to quickly respond and contain wildfires, but we can’t do this without your cooperation. The “Ready! Set! Go!” brochure is intended to provide valuable information on being prepared in the event of an immediate evacuation order due to an emergency like a brush fire.  The “Defensible Space” brochure provides critical information on proper protecting your family and property associated with the threat of wildland fires.  Both brochures can be downloaded and referred to for pre-planning and preparation.

Please take the time to learn how to create and maintain a defensible space around your property and how to harden your home against flying embers. You play the most important role in protecting your family and home in the event of wildland fires evacuations and other significant emergencies. 

Prepare yourself by taking the necessary steps to give you, your family, and property the best chance of surviving a devastating wildfire.   

View and download the Vallejo Fire Department’s wildfire safety brochures below.