Permit Related Questions

Why are Building Permits and Inspection Required?
The City of Vallejo Building Division is charged with providing for life safety and the safeguard of property through enforcement of the California Building, Residential, Green Building Standards, Electrical, International Property Maintenance, Plumbing and Mechanical Codes and other codes, laws and municipal ordinances.
Can I as a homeowner apply for a construction permit?

Yes. Home owners are required to complete an "Owner-builder" form.

What are the building permit fees based on?

Building permit fees are calculated based on the valuation of the project. Please refer to the City of Vallejo Fee Schedule, or call our office for assistance. The following link is a summarized version of the Fee Schedules

How much will my permit and plan check cost?

Fee Estimator tool is an online service that can assist in permit fee calculations. You can also review the Fee Schedule for further information.

What types of work require Building Permits?
Most new construction, remodeling and repairs require building permits. Most electrical, plumbing, mechanical and insulation installations, repairs and replacement also require permits.
Some typical projects requiring permits:
  • New homes and buildings
  • Room additions, patio enclosures, sun rooms, and carports.
  • Kitchen remodels.
  • Bathroom remodels.
  • Decks and patio covers (attached or detached).
  • Arbor and trellis (regardless of size).
  • Gazebos and self-contained spas.
  • Garage conversions.
  • Storage sheds.
  • Swimming pools and spas.
  • Re-roofing.
  • Window and door installations or changes.
  • Water softeners.
  • Water heaters, fences, fireplaces and fireplace inserts.
  • HVAC systems and wall heaters.
  • Electrical service and sub-panels.
  • Insulation and drywall.
  • Exterior siding.
  • Skylights.
  • Shower/tub enclosure replacements.
  • Retaining walls.
  • Landscape irrigation.

A building permit is not required for:
  • One-story detached accessory buildings used as a tool and storage sheds, playhouses or similar use, providing the square footage does not exceed 120 square feet* (must meet zoning set-back requirements? typically five (5) from property line.)
  • Fences not exceeding seven (7) feet in height* (check with the Planning and Public Works  Department for height restrictions for corner properties and right-away obstructions).
  • Retaining walls not over four (4) in height measured from the bottom of the footing to the top of the wall, unless supporting a surcharge*
  • Platforms, walkways and driveways not more than 30? inches above grade and not over any basement or story below* (Check with the Public Works Department for encroachment requirements).
  • Painting, papering and similar finish work.*

Although your project may not require a building permit, it is recommended you obtain Planning and Public Works Department approval before beginning any project (A plot plan May be required.
Obtaining Building Permits

Please submit a completed permit application and, if required, three (3) or more sets of plans (depending on the type of project) and pay applicable pre-plan check submittal fees. A building permit is issued upon approval of the permit application and payment of building permit fees and other applicable fees.
Building Permit Application Requirements

A building permit application requires:
  • Description of the work.
  • Legal address of the project.
  • Owner?s name and telephone number.
  • Applicant?s name, address, telephone  number, and signature (Applicant must be either the owner, the owner authorized agent or the contractor).
  • Contractor?s, Architects? and/or Engineer?s name, license number, address and telephone number.
  • Completion of the ?Owner-Builder Declaration?, or ? California Licensed Contractor Declaration? and the ?Worker?s Compensation Declaration?.
  • Construction Valuation  cost of the proposed work (including materials and labor).
  • Plans (if required)-Three (3) or more sets of plans (depending on the type of project)  and two (2) copies of  structural calculations and specifications. Other documents may be required at submittal.

Planning Department Approval
Most building permit applications are reviewed by the Planning Division for compliance with zoning regulations such as Use, and property line setback and height requirements.
Construction Plans information
Plans, if required in order to show building standards code compliance, must be clear and drawn to scale. The plans may be prepared by the owner, an architect, engineer draftsperson or designer. A licensed California Architect or Engineer may be required to prepare plans for certain locations or unusual structural conditions.
  • Plot plan showing property dimensions,  location of all existing and proposed structures on the property with distances from other buildings and property lines.
  • Floor plan showing room size and uses, placement of walls, location and sizes of windows, doors and stairs, fixtures, electrical including receptacles and lights, fireplaces and cabinets.
  • Exterior elevations showing all sides of the building being constructed or remodeled and indicating the height of the structure and the exterior materials being used.
  • Structural plans including: foundation, floor framing, roof framing, cross sections and framing details.
  • Structural Calculations, if required.
  • Title-24 Energy Compliance documents.
  • Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical
  • Green Building Standards
  • ADA Standards, if applicable

The Building Division is supported by fees collected for services. Plan review fees pay for staff time to check plans for code compliance. Permits fees pay for inspection services. All fees are identified in the City of Vallejo fee schedule and are available for your review.
Building permit fees and any required plan check fees are based on the value of the project. Electrical mechanical and plumbing permits fees are based on the types and quantities of items to be evaluated.
Additional charges may be assessed for any further planning review; additional required permits, such as grading or encroachment permits; and/or any applicable fire prevention division (payable to the City of Vallejo Fire Prevention Division) and/or school district fees (payable to Vallejo Unified School District).
How long are plan checks and permits valid?
Plan checks are valid for six (6) months from the date of approval. After this time, the plan check will expire if the building permit has not been issued. A one-time six (6) month extension may be granted if a written request is received before the expiration date, Permits are valid for six (6) months from the date of issue or the last approved inspection. After this time, the building permit will automatically expire. A one-time six (6) month extension may be granted if a written request is received before the expiration date.
Which code does Building Division follow?
  • 2013 California Building Code
  • 2013 California Residential Code
  • 2013 California Electrical Code
  • 2013 California Plumbing Code
  • 2013 California Mechanical Code
  • 2013 California Green Building Standards Codes
  • 2013 California Energy Code
  • 2013 California Fire Code