Homebuyer & Homeowner Programs


The City provides a Mortgage Assistance Program for low-to-moderate income first-time home buyers. Program guidelines can be found here

An applicant must complete an 8-hour HUD approved home buyer class, or document that they have completed the equivalent class within the last 2 years. HUD approved classes may be completed in person or online. 

Step 1: Intake and Education

Applicants must submit a completed intake form and required supporting documents to initiate the home buyer process. Once the documentation has been received by the City, and the home buyer class completed, an appointment will be scheduled with City staff to determine program eligibility.  

First-time home buyer orientations are held the second Wednesday of every month, at 6:30 p.m. at JFK Library, 505 Santa Clara Street.

Step 2: Counseling

City staff will guide the applicant through the approval process. City staff will make the initial determination of program eligibility of the applicant. Once program eligibility is determined City staff's goal is to ensure loan affordability, sustainable/affordable home ownership based on the City's underwriting guidelines, educate the applicant on the home buyer process, reviews the buyer's package first loan documents, and prepares for the file consideration of approval.

Step 3: City Review and Closing

The City will review the applicant home buyer file, and confirm program eligibility for approval. Once approved, the City will issue an approval and forward City loan documents and funds to escrow for the escrow closing. 


City of Vallejo Mortgage Assistance Program Guidelines 
City of Vallejo Mortgage Assistance Program Application

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