Vallejo Launches Website Redesign

City of Vallejo Launches Website Redesign
Posted on 10/05/2018


Joanna Altman, Assistant to the City Manager,, (707) 648-4362

City of Vallejo Launches Redesign of Website

VALLEJO, CA – The City of Vallejo launched a redesign of its website, nearly six years after the website last received a dramatic makeover. The redesign is aimed to continuously improve and enhance City communications providing a seamless and easy-to-navigate experience for residents, businesses, visitors, and prospective investors.  The web address remains the same -

In addition to maintaining a similar structure, sitemap and "breadcrumb referencing" (which keeps users informed at all times where they are in the website), the redesign equips users with a responsive experience, aimed at providing an optimal viewing experience. This easy reading platform and smooth navigation, reduces the need of resizing, panning, and scrolling; plus its compatibility across a wide range of devices from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors helps with movement around the various webpages.  The new look features drop down menus to access sub-pages, as part of the mobile responsive design (which replaced the menu previously available on the left side of the page). The site will continue to feature a rollover mega-menu navigation system that is structured to provide users one-click access to information they are seeking, plus quick links on the left side or top of the screen depending upon the device. 

“We are excited to unveil this redesign, responsive to a survey offered to residents on Open City Hall,” said Joanna Altman, City Spokesperson.  “The new look is just one of a few changes being unveiled over the coming months to improve how we engage residents, businesses and stakeholders. Stay tuned for the debut of a total restyle of the City Manager’s Bi-Weekly Report.”

The rotating homepage photos will also contain links to pertinent time relative stories and/or breaking City news. The website will continue to highlight the "City Communications Sign-Up" section to allow interested individuals to sign up for the City's weekly Vallejo News e-newsletter, the City Manager's Bi-Weekly Report, City Council agenda packets and other City communications. 

"Our investment in increased public relations is just the beginning,” states Greg Nyhoff, City Manager. "The website renovation, paired with the development portal and other strategically placed communications and media exposure – all plays a part in establishing a strong foundation to support future growth. The new design and functionality of the website should make it much easier to find essential information about Vallejo, and to access the many services we provide."