Mare Island Causeway Bridge Preventative Maintenance Project



Evaluate the existing bridge and complete appropriate maintenance repairs in order to extend the serviceable life of the bridge and improve pedestrian and drive safety. These repairs are expected to include:

• Bridge deck and pile repairs
• Sidewalk replacement and ADA improvements
• Lighting and handrail repairs
• Repainting the bridge's steel lift span, towers, and historic logo
• Deck methacrylate coating
• Concrete spall and crack repairs
• Fender system repair for marine traffic safety
• Replacement of underwater anodes

Budget: $5.65M Engineer’s Estimate

Status: Design Phase


  • Winter 2017 – Initial Assessment & Engineering Studies
  • Spring 2019 – Environmental Clearance
  • Summer 2019 – Technical Studies & Preliminary Design
  • Spring 2020 – Final Design & Engineering

Project Documents

Go to the following location to access project files.

If you have questions contact Sam Kumar, Project Manager (707) 648-4432,