Steering Committee

The PBSC facilitates the PB process, which includes recommending program rules, planning public meetings, and conducting outreach with diverse communities. Members work with City Staff to ensure that PB Vallejo is transparent, fair, and inclusive.  

The committee has 11 seats, comprised of organizational and at-large members. Committee members serve for 2 cycles of Vallejo's PB process (approximately 2 years).

PBSC Members for Cycle 6:

 Primary  Representative
Organization or At-Large
Pat Baisden
PBSC Chair
Don Jordan
African American Alliance
 Karen Sims
PBSC Vice Chair
 Wendell Quigley Better Vallejo  2017-19
 Lynda Daniels
Corinne Quinn NAACP  2017-19
 Annie Frias-Ramos Cris Villanueva  Filipino Community of Solano County  2018-20
 David Belef 2017-19
Benjamin Vander Heide 2018-20
PBSC Vice Chair
Valentin  2018-20
Charles  Malarkey 2018-20
Patricia   Kutza 2018-20
Ravi   Shankar 2018-20

Chito Jose



Meeting Minutes
Cycle 2 (2014)
Cycle 3 (2015)
Cycle 4 (2016-17)