Sacramento Street Bridge

Sacramento Street BridgeSummary:

The Sacramento Street Bridge over US Navy Railroad is located between Illinois Street and Farragut Ave on Sacramento Street. The bridge was originally built in 1913 and widened in the 1930’s.

The existing bridge has Steel framed structure with concrete slab. The bridge has suspected to seismic vulnerabilities as per current standards. The City of Vallejo got approval for replacement of bridge from Caltrans.

The proposed replacement of bridge can be brought in to current standards in all aspects including horizontal and vertical clearances for Railroad as well as addressing seismic deficiencies. The City of Vallejo is currently working on design phase.

Budget: $8.15M Engineer’s Estimate

Status: Project in Design Phase

Project Schedule

  • April 2015 – Begin Design Phase
  • July 2018 – Construction (tentatively)

Project Events

Wednesday, May 11 - Community Open House

Sac Street Open House

The open house summary, photos, and related documents can be found here.

Project Documents

Go to the following location to access project files.

If you have questions contact Srinivas Muktevi, Project Manager (707) 651-7107,