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Citizen Water Rate Working Group

Invitation to Participate - Citizen Water Rate Working Group

The City of Vallejo is seeking volunteers interested in participating in water rate advisory group sessions to work with City staff to assist the City Council Ad Hoc Water Rate Committee on topics associated with Vallejo’s water systems and future water rate modifications.

Members of the working group will be committed to a length of service through November 2018, and be required to attend scheduled meetings and tours to help educate themselves regarding Vallejo’s drinking water system, and:

  • Review and comment on proposals regarding water rate changes
  • Provide input regarding future water rate structures
  • Encourage community understanding and participation in the water rate setting process

The Vallejo City Council Ad Hoc Water Rate Committee will review all working group applications and a diverse group of 8 – 10 citizens representing interests from throughout Vallejo’s water service areas will be invited to participate as water rate working group members. Preference for seats on the committee will be given to candidates who possess expertise or have demonstrated leadership in one or more of the following areas:  1) Accounting or Budgeting, 2) Construction Management or Engineering, 3) Finance, 4) Water Industry, (including but not limited to: sewage collection and treatment, solid waste collection and disposal, recycling, storm water collection and conveyance, water quality, or water supply and distribution.)

Applications must be submitted by January 24, 2018.  For more information contact the Water Department at (707) 648-4307, or email with questions.


Michael A. Malone

Water Director

Click on the link to complete an online application:  Click Here


Welcome to the Water Rate Information Page

The City of Vallejo is currently seeking a water rate increase of 18.2% for all water customers. Notices were mailed to customers and property owners the second week of March 2017.

The Water Rate Public Meeting will be held during the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, April 25th. All protests must be received via mail or in person delivery before the end of the Public Meeting. Please see the Prop 218 notice for more information.
Monticello Pipeline Project
Rate Change Flyer

FAQs about the Proposed Rate Change

• Proposed Rate Schedule

Feb. 28 Staff Report to Adopt a Resolution Approving Proposed Water Rates and Begin the Prop 218 Process

Watch the Feb. 28 Council Meeting

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, April 18th at 6 p.m. - Informational Meeting about the proposed rate change. The meeting will be held at the City Hall Council Chambers. Customers and interested parties are welcome to listen to staff discuss the proposed rate change, ask questions, and learn about future plans for Vallejo's water system.


  • Tuesday, April 25th at 7 p.m. - Public Hearing and adoption of proposed water rate plan by City Council.